Vision Entertainment; at a glance

Brenton Jenkins, a Springfield, MA resident born and raised has been building and developing what has become Vision Entertainment since 2008. Brenton, doing business as "DJ Anomaly" has held the title of  "Official Sound of UMass Athletics" for the last 3 years. In addition, Brenton is very comfortable providing DJ, Photo Booth and Lighting services at a wide variety of private functions and engagements. In 2019, Brenton plans to expand the reach of vision into other industries such as Lighting Design, Apparel, Signature Event Planning, and Realestate.

Brenton Jenkins,

Musical Selection

I believe every DJ has their own style; their own identity. I listened to a variety of different genres and elements over the years. Growing up in the early 2000 alongside listening to my father blast 70s funk through the house, and eventually discovering and surfing the tidal wave of Hip-Hop and R&B music released in the 90s were all contributing factors to what has become my identity as DJ Anomaly. I love to throw it back and pay homage to greats who came before us when I'm doing a set. Typically my collection consists of but is not limited to Top 40, Hip Hop & R&b, Dancehall, Jersey Club, Reggaeton, Early 2000s, 90s, Open Format and Indie Dance. 


Turning a Vision into Reality

My team and I will work with you every step of the way to make a truly unique experience, design and production. Professional Lighting, Personal Monograms and Photo Booth services are highly customizable. Come to us with an idea and let's work together to bring it to life!


The V I S I O N brand was developed in the late months of 2017. Founder, Brenton Jenkins consulted with CM Media, a small graphic design business out of Fitchburg, MA. Shortly after, Vision Group Entertainment was born. The brand continued to operate and do business under Vision Group Entertainment for the majority of 2018 before shortening the name to Vision Entertainment. Brenton plans to expand Vision Brand into clothing and apparel in early 2019. Eventually, Brenton would like to build Vision Studios; an incubator space to focus on developing small business and young creatives alike. 

When some see the artwork they see a wolf; many see a lion or tiger. A few even assume it's an owl because they're known to have great eyesight. Brenton would advocate back that it's not about what animal is represented but rather the feeling and emotion that the animal evokes when you look into its eyes. Do you see yourself in the eyes? Do you see yourself as an individual and not a number? Do you see yourself as a person willing to go against the grain? And when you put Vision brand apparel on your body; how does it make you feel? Do you feel empowered and focused on becoming something great; creating something bigger than what you are..?

What do you see?

Vision Entertainment. Springfield, MA

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